What is a community hub?

families in 2021

What we do

Community hubs are welcoming places where migrant and refugee families, particularly mothers with young children, come to connect, share, and learn. Hubs bridge the gap between migrants and the wider community, they connect women with schools, with each other, and with organisations that can provide health, education, and settlement support.

2021 Year in Review

In 2021, hubs were remarkable in supporting nearly 10,000 families through another turbulent year. To see how they did it, read our 2021 Year in Review.

Deloitte social return on investment evaluation

The Deloitte social return on investment evaluation found that the National Community Hubs Program delivered nearly $33.9 million in benefits to Australian society in 2019 – generating a return of $2.20 for every dollar invested in the hubs program.

Conversational English in the Hubs

Community hubs provide accessible conversational English classes in a welcoming and safe environment. Hear more about the impacts of the program here.

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